Green Build Egypt

Experience and Innovation

Green Build Egypt is an added-value construction chemicals company for the Egyptian, Middle East, and African markets.

We provide Innovative materials, that meet and solve problems in the Construction Industry.

We also supply materials based on "Green Technology", to protect and preserve the surrounding environment from the hazards of excessive contamination.

 We promise to help in protecting the environment and we aspire to be one of the leading companies in the field of construction chemicals in Egypt, the Middle East, and, all of Africa.

We Provide both Technical and Scientific support for problems and other construction issues.

Our Products:

In Green Build Egypt, We are proud to provide for our Clients:

Innovative Materials

We do a great job of adding innovative materials, and still “Green” to our list of products, we have technical support of the big multinational names of raw materials suppliers.

Our experience supports all our innovative and R&D activities which lead to new “Innovative Products”

Supply Products

A fast and quality-ensured shipment to all of our valued customers is the main objective of our team, We also obey a strict quality control system for all of our products.

We depend on big and trusted supplier names to get our raw materials to ensure quality consistency.

Green Technology

Proudly we are a member of USGBC the biggest name in the world that supports the “Green Building” and evaluates and certifies buildings according to the rating system.

We obey green rules for our production facility and for all of our products.