Acrylic modified, Water-Based Bitumen for waterproofing of severe and

submerged structures

Cold Applied Solvent- Based Waterproofing Bitumen

Acrylic modified waterproofing system to protect structural surfaces such as concrete, cement and bricks

A flexible water insulation system modified by

 acrylic Polymer for concrete, brick and masonry surfaces

Water-Based Bitumen Emulsion for general waterproofing

Penetrative Polymer Sealer, and Primer, for Concrete and Masonry Surfaces

Fast Dry, Acrylic, Vapor & Water-proofing, Weatherproofing, and Anti-Carbonation

Protective Coating, with abrasion resistant properties

Elastomeric, Acrylic based, Vapor & Waterproofing, Weatherproofing, and

Carbon Dioxide diffusion Protective Coating

Clear silicone coat, to waterproof and protect natural stones, without any coat layer