Repair Materials

GBRep is a polymer modified, fiber reinforced repair mortar specially designed for concrete and cementitiuos surfaces, to repair and level the surfaces with high thickness, and high strength mortar. 

High Performance Polymer Modified, Fiber Reinforced, cement-based, Repair Mortar
- The application is very easy with HiRep since it is a sticky material

- The application is up to 9 cm is easy in 2-3 layers.

- High performance epoxy-cement structural repair, semi-fluid for ease of application, It provides high compressive strength, impact and chemical resistance.

- Used for filling concrete floor voids, filling of tight areas under machines base, repair of epoxy self level floors and screed mortar floors,

- High performance, low viscosity, epoxy structural repair, highly fluid for allowing the repair of finest Cracks , It provides high compressive strength, and impact resistance.

- Used for concrete cracks repair, Filling or injecting to different concrete structural elements including cracked concrete ceilings.

- It is a High performance cement based structural grout for various types of filling under base plates of machines, columns, and structural units It provides high non-shrink and compressive strength flowable mortar.

- Shrinkage compensated properties, ensures maximum load bearing for steel plates.

- It is easy to mix, pour and fill all voids specially under machine base plates easily without complications

- High performance epoxy structural grouting for various types of filling under base plates of machines, It provides high compressive strength, impact and chemical resistance

- It is a durable. since it resists the various moderate chemicals and severe conditions.

- Used in filling structural voids to ensure maximum mechanical properties, anchoring of crane rails towers and dock sills, repairing concrete slaves with perfect sealing. 

-Superplasticizing, Expanding Admixture for cement mixtures and concrete

- GBGROUT AID is an admixture for use in cementitious grouts, nonshrink mortars, and concrete where a low water/cement ratio and positive expansion are required.

- It is formulated to produce high-quality grouts and to increase durability while overcoming the risk of segregation, bleeding and plastic shrinkage.