منتج بأساس مائي سهل التطبيق وإقتصادي، يعمل علي تقوية الخلطات الإسمنتية بصورة أسرع من الطريقة العادية بعد تمام الجفاف، و التفاعل مع مكونات الخلطات الخرسانية علي عدم ظهور المادة البيضاء علي سطح الطوب و البلاط و الإنترلوك.

 The precast concrete units, bricks, blocks, and paving blocks industry have been developed during the  

 past 2 decades to provide great solutions for the variety of applications in the construction industry.

This industry needs an admixture that provides high strength units with a fast production rate and efficiency of the manufacturing facilities. 

- FastBrick provides all these criteria with an economic price.

- FastBrick accelerates the setting time of concrete even at low dosage reaching 0.5 % of the weight of cement.

- FastBrick is a dual effect additive still the economic solution for precast industry provide both high quality admixture and economic cost per cubic meter of cement mixture.

- FastBrick is suitable for both big precast units and small machine produced bricks, paving blocks, and blocks.