Concrete Additives

High performance Concrete Admixture, specially designed for precast concrete, an economic substitution for PC’s Based Admixtures.

Powder Concrete Superplasticizer admixture complies with all requirements of ASTM C494 Type F

Superplasticizer, Workability retention, and retarder High -performance Concrete Admixture, Acts as Type G according to ASTM C-494

Type G Concrete Additive, function as workability retention, and retarder

Specially designed for Ready Mix Concrete industry to provide high performance concrete

Fast setting, and Hardening Concrete Admixture, specially designed for precast concrete,for faster production

a water-based product , easy to apply, very economic, enhances the cement mixtures specially designed for brick and block industry, enabling the faster production and loading rates

A High-Performance concrete admixture which is specially designed for ready mix industry to provide an economic Type F admixture that is used in transporting concrete in trucks for short distances.

Plasticiser, Water-reducing, Retarder and Workability retention Concrete Admixture, 

Acts as Type D according to ASTM C-494

 An accelerator for the hardening of Brick, Block, and interlock manufacturing.

it accelerates the production of these products by improving the setting and hardening of the mixture

High performance ,Early Strength Admixture, Complies with all requirements of ASTM C494 Type A&C

Specially designed Admixture for water containing structures, as a primary step of obtaining waterproofing concrete

A Specially designed admixture for pre-cast units, bricks, and paving interlock products, to increase strength, and save cement

A special accelerator for bricks, blocks, and interlocking paving tiles.

Economic, easy to use and does not affect the ultimate strength. 

An admixture in a Liquid form for concrete and cement mixtures to produce concrete and light and insulating cement mixtures

Concrete and Cement Admixture to reduce mixing water and obtain early strengths, complies with all requirements of ASTM C494 Type F

High-Performance Polycarboxylate Based Concrete Admixture, Conforming to ASTM C494 Type F and Type C

Does not affect the setting time of concrete and provides Extra high flowability concrete in a low water/cement ratio, and high early and ultimate strengths