Protective Coating

Fast Dry, Acrylic Based, protective, and weather-resistant coating

It provides protective layers for concrete, steel, and various building surfaces

It is a one part, no need for mixing ratios

Water-based, Pure Acrylic, Water-proofing, Weatherproofing, and Anti-abrasion and Wear Protective Coating

Good resistance to dilute acids, alcohol, hydrocarbons, chloride and sulphate ions.

Two-Parts, Epoxy Resin Based Anticorrosive

 Zinc Rich protection primer 

and Coating 

Two-Parts Amine Cured Epoxy Resin 

Based Zinc Phosphate rich protection 

primer and Coating 

Solvent-free, Epoxy Novolac Resin Based, Coating for High Chemical Resistance

Suitable for application on vertical, horizontal & overhead substrates in aggressive chemical environments

MultiPurpose, Epoxy Resin Based Coating for chemical and wear protection

Could be applied on all surfaces, and adheres very well to all surfaces, giving a matt to semi-gloss finish

High-performance epoxy coating for various types of steel protection, UltraPoxy SC-E provides high abrasion and chemical resistance

It is a solvent-free material so can be applied in confined spaces. 

Solvent-Based, Epoxy Resin Based Coating for Steel and Metal protection

It provides high protection against corrosion and wear resistance

UV Stable, Color Stable, Aliphatic Polyurethane Coating for Foam, Steel and Concrete

It is also suitable as a finishing coat for concrete surfaces where high durability is desired,  with Excellent color and gloss retention.